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Regardless of how well you try to maintain your email inbox, there will most likely be some messages floating around after some amount of time—especially when you have a lot of emails coming in at once. When there’s one or two that you really need to keep track of, one of Gmail’s features provides a handy cheat to make this much simpler.

Even better, this cheat is laughably simple.

Email Can Be Challenging to Organize

While Gmail does offer plenty of organizational features and tools, like filters and labels, to help you keep track of your messages, there are times when it would be more helpful to get a second chance to be alerted to a new message.

There are plenty of occasions that a particular email may not stick in your mind—like when you’re working through a list of promotional messages, group conversations that don’t need your input, and others that need to be checked but don’t require nearly the same amount of interaction.

Therefore, it only makes sense to use a quick and easy trick to reorder your messages, so the truly important ones appear on top… but how?

Simple: Snooze Your High-Priority Messages

Okay, so once you find an email that you want to return to after you’ve sorted through the rest of  your inbox, pushing it off can be simple and quick with strategic use of the Snooze button.

Unlike the one that keeps you from getting out of bed on time, Gmail’s Snooze functionality can be used to put your priority emails at the top of the list. All you must do is snooze them by…

  • (On a desktop/laptop) selecting the box next to it and clicking the clock-shaped icon at the top of the window.
  • (In the mobile app) tapping on the icon at its left, accessing the three-dot menu, and selecting Snooze.

Once you’ve done so, you will be delivered with a prompt to set when the message should return. Using the Pick date & time option, select the current date and set the time to a minute after your current time.

After you send this message off, it’ll come right back, settling at the top of your inbox with an orange highlight. This trick can be repeated ad nauseum, as often as you please. Do with it what you will.

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