What is Layered Security?

Layered security is our approach to keeping your users and devices protected from Malware, Viruses, and internet related fraud and threats.  As every computer user knows, the internet is both necessary and treacherous.  We’ve partnered with the best security software and appliance providers to give you the ultimate in business security. Here is how our layered security approach works:
  • Enhanced Spam, Virus, and Phishing email filtering for your domain.  Ever get an email from “FedEx” but you’re positive you don’t have any packages coming?  This means two things: 1) Someone is sending you a phishing scam email, and 2) You’re not signed up for email filtering from TAP Tech!
  • Virus and Intrusion Detection at the edge.  This device is placed directly between your modem and local network.  It acts as a shield to secure your local networked devices from the outside world.
  • Antivirus software on each computer.  You know you need it, and we’ve got plenty to go around!  Our plans include always up-to-date software and definitions from the best software providers.
  • Web Filtering on each computer.  The best way to prevent malicious code is to block it from loading.  Our Web Filtering service resides on each computer so they remain protected, even when they are outside your network.  This keeps employee laptops and devices secured as they travel outside of your network.  It can also be configured to block productivity reducing sites, such as social networking.
  • Patch Management for Windows devices.  Every day, hackers are finding vulnerabilities in common software and Microsoft and other vendors are working hard to patch them.  If you’re not keeping up to date with those security patches, you’re at risk.  We monitor each and every one of your systems to make sure they’re kept safe.

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