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With the advent of Windows 10 and the reduced cost of tablet computers, now is the time to take a serious look at deploying them in your shop environment.  In previous years, only Windows RT, Android, or iOS devices were available- with limited support for business apps.  Many business owners were promised a tablet solution by their software providers, only to find out that it relied on Remote Desktop Protocol, which is often a half baked solution for tablets.  A Windows tablet with Windows 10 is the solution.  The Windows 10 operating system that installs on your tablet is the same one that installs on your desktop.  Anything that runs on the desktop can run on a Windows tablet!windows tablet

If you’re using software such as ALLDATA, AutoCAD, or other CAD viewing software on your shop floor, you can utilize a tablet to your advantage.  Tablets are a great way to get the most current drawing revision or up to date information right at the work zone.  A quick edit to a drawing or CNC program can be made on the Windows Tablet, while standing right at the machine, and then transferred over the network or USB device.

Don’t forget to upgrade your WiFi network if you’re considering deploying a Windows tablet!

TAP Tech offers a great range of WiFi network installations that can deliver reliable service to your wireless shop devices.  Our seamless wireless networks mean that you can walk from one end of the building to the other without interrupting your WiFi network.  With a Windows tablet and a great wireless network, your shop floor managers and programmers can eliminate a huge amount of down time.  Ever draw a spaghetti map?  Here’s your solution!