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While nobody likes to presume the worst will happen in their business, it must be a point that comes into consideration. Statistics are statistics, as they are, and as such there is always the chance—a considerable chance, in fact—that your business will suffer from some form of disaster. Due to this, we always recommend that you have some means of protecting your data throughout, with a plan to respond to such events accordingly.

This is why we emphasize implementing a solution called backup and disaster recovery (BDR) to help mitigate the impacts that these events would have on your productivity. Our typical BDR solution shapes up as follows:

  • Data is saved in at least three places: the original on your network infrastructure, an on-site backup, and an offsite backup—preferably in the cloud.
  • These backups are automatically updated with any changes made throughout the day, rather than waiting until the office closes to update them overnight.
  • These backups can take the place of your primary infrastructure if need be, allowing your operations to continue until you can procure a new one.

This kind of strategy provides businesses with many significant benefits:

Improved Flexibility and Reliability

Let’s take a moment and consider the process that would follow a data loss incident of any scale. Whether a single file was lost, or an entire infrastructure went down, there would be some downtime by default.

At least, there would be without a backup, or with an outdated strategy.

With the BDR, however, your solution can be used to support your operations until the proper remediations were made to return your operations to normal. This helps minimize your business interruptions on top of preventing permanent data loss.

Cost Efficacy

Using a cloud-based BDR also helps your business maintain control over its investments. Rather than dropping a massive amount of capital on a one-time purchase, cloud solutions provide greater value that is scaled to an organization’s needs for a predictable monthly operating cost.

That way, you can enjoy the benefits a BDR solution brings without wreaking havoc on your annual IT budget.


Finally, there’s the undeniable simplicity that is offered through entrusting your business’ recovery and continuity needs to the cloud. Think about it: instead of having to commit to the maintenance and upkeep of your own solution and the infrastructure it requires, you simply have another provider take care of it on your behalf… thereby freeing up your time to use it more. No muss or fuss or hassle, just the tools your business needs at the ready.

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