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Many people now have experience working from home, which means that many people now have first-hand knowledge of just how draining it can be. And no wonder—the place you’d go to relax and unwind after the workday has suddenly become a place of work. In these conditions, it is even more important that your team can establish boundaries between “home” home and “work” home.

We have a few tips to share that might just help them to do so.

Separate Work from Home

Okay, we’ll admit… it might be a little challenging to put some distance between your roles at work and in the home when you’re fulfilling both in the same space. However, it is no less important that you do so, so we recommend that anyone working from home set up a dedicated workspace—someplace they do work exclusively. This will help them to focus better on their tasks and separate work from home somewhat.


If any remote work is to be successful, communication is even more crucial that it normally is in the office. Using the solutions you’ve provided for them to communicate will be of a great benefit to them, whether they’re simply staying connected to their coworkers or actively working on their tasks.

These tools should include things like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions, messaging platforms, and conferencing platforms, which can all prove invaluable to their productivity. Make sure your team knows how to use these solutions properly and they do so frequently. Giving them a little more leeway in their use of these solutions can help keep your team engaged and in contact with one another.

Leave Work to Work Hours

One of the biggest problems many people encounter with remote work is the tendency for the workday to creep beyond their scheduled hours and into their personal life. Encourage them to find a way to separate fully from their work responsibilities, whether that be a hobby or some other activity. This separation will help them release the stress that builds up over the day.

Maintaining a work/life balance is crucial to effective remote work, so you need to assist them in doing so as much as you can. Of course, this means that they need to deliver throughout the day, which is something that we can help encourage with the IT tools and support they’ll need.

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