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TAP Tech ScreenConnect FAQ

As part of our quest to provide the fastest and most convenient computer support possible, we’ve installed TAP Tech ScreenConnect software on your system.  This tool helps to enable a fast, secure, and seamless remote support session.


What is this thing?

This is the program we use for remote support.  Previously, we created a session and asked you to click the join button on our website, or to enter a code.  This icon enables us to initiate a session without that extra step.

Does this mean you can control my computer?

Only if you allow us to.  You’ll be prompted with this window, and until you click “Consent to Control” we cannot view your screen or control your computer:



I see a program called ScreenConnect in Programs and Features.  Is this the same thing?

Yes, we use a product named ScreenConnect to create a fully encrypted and secure connection to your computer.  The connection is made directly between our onsite office server and your computer and is fully encrypted.  If you don’t want the program installed, you can uninstall it easily through Programs and Features,  or ask us to push the uninstall from our dashboard.  If you have a remote support plan with us, we ask that you do not remove the program as it would make our job a lot more difficult!


Can I send TAP Tech a message even if a tech is not connected?

Absolutely!  This is often the quickest and easiest way to submit a support request.  Just double click on the orange gear icon gear16x16 in your taskbar near the clock/date at the bottom right of your screen.  If you don’t see it, click the little arrow that rolls out the additional icons in your taskbar.  After you double click the icon, you’ll see the chat window pop up.  An extra hint- if you right click the icon you’ll see some TAP Tech quick links!