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Tired of Stitching together your IT Services?

Owners of small and medium sized businesses have a lot to handle.  Their duties reach far wider than the basic internal operations of their company- they need to deal with all external vendors, clients, and professional services required as well.  One quick call and TAP Tech will remove the burden of managing all of your IT services requirements.  We can provide, manage, and maintain a full suit of services to fuel your business.

TAP Tech has a full suite of proactive IT services and solutions.  We’re dedicated to diligent, behind-the-scenes work to keep your systems running at their top potential.  Consider our flat rate solutions that provide the following services:

  • Always up to date software and operating system patchesproactive IT services and solutions
  • Antivirus software that doesn’t expire, and doesn’t interrupt your workflow
  • Safe web browsing that blocks malicious content without slowing you down, and no heavy handed “block everything” approach
  • Automatic backups of your important data
  • Quick access to a professional technician if you experience an issue or have a tech question
  • Remote system access for offsite emergencies.

What are the benefits?

Measuring the cost vs benefit is critical for a business.  Consider these benefits before contacting us for a quote:

  • Drastically reduce or eliminate computer and network downtime
  • Maximize employee productivity
  • Protect critical business data
  • Meet industry and legal compliance regulations for PCI, HIPAA, and ISO
  • Recover from a natural disaster such as flood, fire, or hurricane
  • Access business data remotely when you need it.

TAP Tech doesn’t give you a generic support plan that loosely fits your needs- we deliver a highly customized solution package after giving your business a full technology audit.  We’ll sit down and discuss current and future plans to make sure your computer and network systems are up to the task.