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If your business relies on WiFi, you’ve probably experienced some slow downs, disconnects, timeouts, or other outages.  Perhaps you have a guest Network for your clients that could use more bandwidth or tighter security.

TAP Tech has experience and expertise with the latest and most robust wireless networking equipment.  We can provide seamless, high speed wireless access for your employees.  We can also create a secured and segregated guest wireless network for your clients.  If you would like to bill clients for WiFi usage, we can do that too!  We can provide and configure standalone wireless access points up to complete, centrally managed wireless networks with up to 50 access points.  Large campuses can be adequately covered with floor plan and area planning software.

Common complaints from businesses include:

  • WiFi devices show a strong signal but won’t connect
  • A few users are taking all of the bandwidth
  • Weak signal in different areas
  • Connection drops when travelling from one end of the business to the other
  • Guest users are able to see business devices on the network
  • 802.11 b/g/n/ac compatibility
  • PCI or HIPAA compliance issues

TAP Tech uses high quality business-grade hardware.  Although our solutions can be used in enterprise scenarios, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg!  We can also deploy outdoor WiFi systems when required.

Contact us for a wireless network analysis to make the most of your technology.