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Dial *732 to create a recording, or (for best results) upload a 16bit 8khz/16khz mono WAV file from your computer.  If you have a recording that you would like us to modify or convert to the proper format, feel free to email it to support@taptechit.com.

Create a Recording

  1. Dial *732 from your phone and wait for the voice prompt
  2. Enter at least a 3 digit number for the ID. This will label the recording file. (recording100.wav)
  3. Start talking to make the recording after the voice prompt and press the pound key #
  4. Press 1 to accept the recording then hang up or press 2 to start over.

Applying Recordings

Once you have a recording made you can use the recordings in different area’s of TAP Tech Hosted PBX. Custom IVR’s and phrases would be the typical uses.