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PBX Dashboard

The dashboard is where you be taken once you log in to your TAP Tech Hosted PBX portal.  The dashboard gives quick stats and pertinent information about your extension number, and also allows PBX Admins to modify Extensions, Ring Groups, Forwarding, and many other features of their system.

Here you will see quick voicemail stats. To view, download, or delete your messages, simply click “Voicemail”.

Missed Calls
To view details about your missed calls, click “Missed Calls” and you will be brought to an in depth CDR.

Recent Calls
Here you will find quick stats about your most recent calls, including Caller ID and the date/time of the call.

Call Routing
Call Routing enables you to manage calls when you are out of the office. This can be particularly useful if you’ll be away and want to forward calls to your cell phone, or an associate.