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Why Migrate to O365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a lot more than just email service.  TAP Tech provides a FULL Cloud service solution powered by O365 to take your business into the next level.  Accelerate your workflow, process, and efficiency… and crush your competition!

Full Office Apps on all your devices.

Our Office 365 Business Premium licenses give you the ability to install the full Office Desktop apps on 5 of your computers, and it’s always kept up to date.  That’s right, 5 computers.  Full Office Suite.  Extend the capability onto your smart phone with seamless access to your Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and more… powered by OneDrive.

Share and collaborate in real time with cohorts using Microsoft Teams and OneNote.  Spread the joy!


End the Downtime

With a 99.99% Service Level Agreement, O365 has near perfect availability.  Cloud service removes nearly all failure modes from your onsite system.


Office Apps and Services

Office Desktop Apps

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access.  Everything you need.


Modern chat and meetings.  Share it all in real time.

Cloud Storage

Keep your data safe with OneDrive, and access it from anywhere.


Store company documents, processes, and information.


Utilize Multi-Factor Authentication and rely on TAP Tech monitors.

Hosted Exchange

No onsite servers necessary.  It’s all in the cloud, always up to date.

Perks & Benefits

Office 365 comes with great service, as well as some real quality-of-life features.

If you’re struggling with onsite email or file servers, are unhappy with your hosted Exchange provider, or need to upgrade from IMAP mailboxes…

O365 is the right choice for you.  It will scale with your business as you grow.  No need to change platforms ever again!


Consistent Budget

Pricing is a simple per-user, flat monthly fee.  You’ll know exactly how much each employee’s tech needs cost you every month.

Cloud Reliability

If you have onsite Exchange servers now, you know reliability is an issue.  When your onsite equipment goes down, the show stops.  O365 in the cloud is accessible from anywhere!

No More Hardware Costs

Your onsite server is expensive, and if you just bought it… it’s already out of date…  Time to ditch it for good!

Lots of Goodies!

Our subscriptions aren’t just plain old email service.  You get a ton of great apps and services, pick and choose what you need.

Granular Control

Limit or allow access to data on a user by user or group basis.  Fly through compliance Audits without worrying.  Office 365 has features and controls for nearly all requirements- HIPAA, ISO, etc.

Focus on Your Work

Don’t let your antiquated onsite system keep you back.  With O365, your company will be ready with tech tools to tackle any new initiative. 

Let’s Work Together

If you’re interested in Office 365 and need a trusted partner and adviser, TAP Tech is willing and ready!  We’re eager to become an integral member of your team.