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As an SMB Manufacturer, you’re great at production, quality, and attention to detail.  Many of us would love to spend all day refining processes, and watching efficiency increase.  In practice, that isn’t how the real world works.  Your attention is constantly diverted to shipping issues, unexpected tooling issues, quote/quantity changes, and scheduling.


We can’t avoid these things, but we can certainly help minimize their negative impact.  We do this by expecting them to happen and having systems in place to address them.  This is where an ERP system can really shine.

  • Reach out to your IT firm for help in implementing an ERP system such as Macola, E2 Shop System, or Realtrac.
  • Invest your time and attention into the success of the deployment.  “Garbage in, garbage out” applies to process as well!
  • Phase your processes into your ERP system.  If you need to make minor changes, consider a minor change to your process to make it fit your ERP better.
  • Work with your IT firm to make sure you have backup and redundancy in place for your critical systems.


Do you need help in implementing an ERP system, or is your current IT firm shying away from your manufacturing processes? TAP Tech specializes in the Industrial and Manufacturing industries, with real shop-floor experience, and can help you navigate through.  Please reach out for a consult!