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Ring Groups

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  • Name A meaningful name for this ring group. This name is used in the Destination select list.
  • Extension The extension number for this ring group.  We use 300-399 by default.
  • Greeting Play a sound file upon calling the Ring Group extension.
  • Strategy The way in which the destinations are being used.
  • Simultaneous Rings all destinations. We suggest using Enterprise instead.
  • Sequence Calls destinations in sequence.
  • Enterprise Ring all destinations with flexible options including Follow Me.
  • Rollover Calls destinations in sequence and skips busy destinations.
  • Random A random destination will ring.  Useful for distributing calls among different people.
  • Destinations The extensions that this ring group applies to.
  • Prompt Where you determine if the call must have a dial to confirm before a pickup event.
  • Caller ID Name Prefix The string that is added to the caller ID when it displays on the ringing extension.
  • Caller ID Number Prefix The Number that is added to the caller ID when it displays on the ringing extension.
  • Ring Back What the caller hears when they are waiting for the Destinations to answer. (ex. Music on Hold, us-ring)
  • Context The context defaults to the domain name.  Please do not modify this field.

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