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The Extensions define the information needed for an endpoint such as a hard phone, soft phone or some other device to connect to the server. 

  • ExtensionEnter the extension number.  By default, we use extension 100-199
  • Number AliasThis field is not generally required unless you have an advanced configuration.
  • RangeThis field is used for initial set up of Extensions.
  • Voicemail PasswordEnter the numeric voicemail password here.  This is needed to access voicemails for the extension.
  • Account CodeLeave this field blank.
  • Effective caller ID NameInternal Caller ID name that is displayed when calling another extension.  Usually the first name of the person.
  • Effective Caller ID NumberInternal caller ID number usually set to the extension number.
  • Outbound Caller ID NameUsed by the outbound route for external caller ID name. Business or Organization typically is set here.
  • Outbound Caller ID NumberUsed by the outbound route for external caller ID number here. Business or Organization number goes here.
  • Emergency Caller ID NameDo not modify this field.
  • Emergency Caller ID NumberDo not modify this field.
  • Directory Full NameThe first and last name used in the directory. You can call that directory with *411, or it can be used by external callers to find the right person in the company.
  • Directory VisibleSelect whether to hide the name from the directory.
  • Directory Extension VisibleSelect whether to announce the extension when calling the directory.  This can help to hide the person’s extension number from telemarketers.
  • Limit MaxSet max number of outgoing calls for this user.
  • Limit DestinationSet the destination to send the calls when the max number of outgoing calls has been reached.
  • Voicemail EnabledEnable or disable voicemail for this extension.
  • Voicemail Mail ToThe email address for sending voicemail to email.
  • Voicemail FileSelect whether to send the voicemail as an attachment or as a link in the email.
  • Voicemail Keep LocalChoose whether to keep the voicemail in the system after sending the email notification.
  • Missed CallSet the missed call to true and set the email address if you want to receive an email for missed calls that were routed through the dialplan to and was not answered by the extension.
  • Toll AllowDo not modify this field.
  • Call TimeoutSet the timeout for the call to ring before going to voicemail.
  • Call GroupYou can define any call group you want the following groups are examples: sales, support, billing. These are used for group intercept or calls can be sent to the call group.
  • Call ScreenCall screen if set will ask the caller to identify themselves their response will be recorded and offered to the person receiving the call.
  • RecordWhether to record local, inbound, outbound, or all calls that were sent directly to this extension.
  • Hold MusicSelect music or ring tones that will be used for music on hold for this extension.
  • ContextDo not modify this field.
  • EnabledWhether the extension is enabled or disabled.
  • DescriptionA description for the extension.

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