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IVR Menu

“IVR” Stands for Interactive Voice Recording.  These are the recordings that you hear when calling common service numbers, like your bank, or technical support numbers.  “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Service” etc.

  • Options in bold are mandatory.
  • Name: Enter a name for the IVR menu
  • Extension: Enter the extension number (This must a new extension that isn’t allready created)
  • Greet Long: The long greeting when entering the menu.
  • Greet Short: The short greeting is played when returning to the menu.
  • Options: Define caller options for the IVR menu.
  • Timeout: The number of milliseconds to wait after playing the greeting or the confirm macro.
  • Exit Action: Select the exit action to be performed if the ivr exists.
  • Direct Dial: Define whether the callers can dial directly to registered extensions.
  • Ring Back: Defines what the caller will hear while the destination is being called.
  • Caller ID Name Prefix: Set a prefix on the caller ID name.
  • Enabled: set the status of the IVR Menu.

You can get very creative with IVR’s and are almost limitless in possibilities. In the basic example below we;

  • Name the IVR “IVR Main”
  • Extension “200”
  • Greet Long a phrase that was made from the phrase section under apps
  • Number entry in options ,choose an extension for Destination and descriptions ie sales, billing, tech support, and after hours. timeout 3000 milliseconds
  • Exit Action to the extension 109 (after hours)
  • Direct Dial to False and Ring back to Default.

You now have a list of IVR’s to go back to and edit or delete as needed.