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Modern businesses have transitioned from pure brick and mortar operations, to more mobile and on the go management.  “Telecommuting” used to be a term reserved for employees of large corporations that could afford the cutting-edge systems necessary.  Fortunately, TAP Tech can provide you with the remote access you need without the enterprise level costs.

What work can I perform remotely?

Every business is different, so the best thing to is to contact TAP Tech for advisement.  Some of the broad strokes are:

  • Using your iPhone or Android device as a phone extension
  • Accessing your voicemail or missed calls from the web
  • Remotely accessing your business desktop
  • Remotely accessing files and documents
  • Entering administrative passwords for your employees when needed, without divulging the password
  • Working with your line of business application, such as QuickBooks, SolidWorks, and more.


How can TAP Tech provide remote access?

TAP Tech can deliver an onsite solution, or can deploy remote access as part of our other services.  Our VoIP systems include web access and remote phone extension support.  Our Managed Services plans include remote access to your business workstations.

Here’s a simple usage scenario:

You’ve just arrived home after sitting in rush hour traffic, it’s Friday night, and you’re planning on cranking out some work over the weekend.  You’re working on an important quote for a new client and need to get everything lined up, because this is a very important job.  That’s when you realize you forgot your USB flash drive at the office.  With remote access from TAP Tech you can save the drive.  Simply log into your dashboard and connect to your workstation at the office.  Transfer the files you need.  Finish up that project and give your client a call to schedule a meeting to discuss the quote.  With TAP Tech VoIP plans, you can call them from your remote phone extension to make sure they receive the call from your company phone number.

That isn’t the only benefit, though.  Once you get comfortable, you’ll realize you can skip the risk of driving through the snow and work from the comfort of your home when those winter storms roll in, because you have easy remote access at your finger tips.


TAP Tech services clients throughout the Fairfield county, Litchfield county, New Haven county, and Westchester county areas in CT and NY.  We have clients in and around Danbury, Fairfield, Mamaroneck, Newtown, Westport, Norwalk, Newtown, and Georgetown… just to name a few!  We offer a complete range of business computer and IT services, from network and WiFi installations to complete outsourced “IT guy” services.