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Call Park

Call Parking is similar to placing a call on Hold, but with Call Parking, anyone can pick up the call. This is similar to a traditional phone system where a caller is placed on hold, and another extension can push the line button to speak with the caller. When the caller is placed into Call Park, they will hear Music On Hold until they are connected to an extension.

How to use it:

When you’re on the phone with an outside caller, simply push the PARK1 or PARK2 key. They will be sent to the “Parking lot” and will listen to music on hold. The PARK1/2 key will turn red to show that someone is waiting there. Once you send the call to the Parking Lot, your extension is free to use and back in the idle state. You can call another employee and say “Hey Jim, there’s a call on PARK1 for you.” Jim can then hang up with you and push the PARK1 button to speak with the caller. Once he has connected directly to the caller, the PARK1 lot frees up and the button will turn green.