TAP Tech can help secure your company data on a server and allow access to specified devices.  Use your server to host files, a Quickbooks database, shop floor and store management software, backup company workstations, and secure your workplace environment.  A server is a great way to centralize data and management.  We recommend Dell business-class servers and will help configure and install a system in a flash!

  • Never lose your data – it will be available 24/7 safely and securely.
  • Get the right server system to match your company needs with future expandability when you need it.  Proper selections mean the lowest upfront cost with maximum future expandability.
  • Get HIPAA compliant by safely storing client information.
  • Implement SolidWorks PDM Vault, or maximize your MasterCAM license usage with network-enabled software seats.
  • Keep your QuickBooks or Sage accounting database in a safe, and multi-user accessible location.
  • Work from home after hours or during inclement weather with easy Remote Access.


Every industry has unique computing requirements.  Don’t waste your time with far-away sales representatives looking for a commission.  Let us help you to select the best performance systems for your budget.  We do not collect a commission on computer sales and will not up-sell you components that you do not need.

  • TAP Tech’s experts are knowledgeable in the computer world, as well as your company needs.  Let us help you stay current with the latest computing devices.
  • Trust TAP Tech to deliver hardware that matches your needs as well as your budget.
  • We specialize in office workstations and 3D CAD modeling systems. We heavily emphasize bang-for-buck systems and focus on future needs- don’t spend a fortune on a system that will be outdated in 5 years!

Network Devices & Data Backup

TAP Tech can accommodate nearly every network device on the market, be it a printer, scanner, copy center, data-backup device, camera, etc.  We can manage automatic data backup services focusing on minimal to zero downtime systems.

  • Fluid system setup and management.
  • Have your devices maintained and updated in off-hours so there is never a delay in your services.
  • Allow for centralized backups, data storage for files and media, and remote access when you need it!

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