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If you’re wondering if your company needs a backup solution, we can answer that quickly for you- YES!  Company data is absolutely critical, and the statistics for financial damage due to data loss are scary.  In fact, most businesses will never recover from an irrecoverable data loss event.  TAP Tech has the experience and know-how to implement and monitor the best backup service for your needs.
Should I use Cloud Backup?
Cloud backup has many benefits:


  • Provides off-site disaster recovery options in case of building fire, flood, crytpolocker virus, etc.
  • Reduces up-front costs
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Does not rely on physical disc rotation or manual operations
  • Can be used to create a temporary cloud infrastructure during restoration

Not everyone needs cloud backup, and in some cases the recovery time for a cloud solution can be quite long.  This usually depends on your available internet connection and data size.  TAP Tech utilizes a fantastic HYBRID solution that keeps a local copy of your backup on hand, as well as in the cloud.  This will greatly increase your protection against data loss, as well as speed recovery time in case of accident or failure.  We utilize an image based backup system, which means that we can fully restore your system to a point in the past.  We can also restore that image to a different piece of hardware if something fails.  If you’re on vacation for a month and forgot to bring your laptop, guess what, we can restore that to a Virtual Machine in the interim!

I’ve already lost my data.  What now?

First step?  CONTACT US!  In many cases we can recover your data, or refer you to someone who can.  Data loss is something that can be impossible to recover from, so you need to take steps to prevent it from happening.  If it’s already too late, we’ll take any and all steps necessary to get your data back… and keep you from losing it again.

TAP Tech provides LOCAL support for businesses.

We strive to be the best IT support and business technology provider around.  That means we’re dedicated to supporting local businesses in Litchfield, Fairfield, and New Haven County and can be onsite when needed as soon as possible.

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