Outsourced IT Support

TAP Tech knows computers.  We provide professional and timely Outsourced IT Support.

If your company is a bit too small to have a full time IT staff, or find that your staff is underutilized, give us a call.  Outsourcing your IT support can provide many benefits and help to keep your business on top.computer-service_78951

Consider the many benefits of outsourced IT support, such as:

  1. Better productivity

    A typical onsite IT staff provides reactive support, fixing problems when they arrive. At TAP Tech, we don’t react to problems we proactively prevent them- and our pricing structure is set to reflect that. We do everything we can to keep your systems running in top condition, and prevent down time.

  2. Expertise

    Our small team is made of top-tier techs.  We have clients in many industries, with many needs, and combine the troubleshooting experience to deliver you proven solutions and quick responses.  We’ve tested and trialed many systems and software packages and can deliver the best to your business.

  3. Full-time support

    If your business is relying on part-time IT staff, or you have an engineer or regular employee that you lean on to provide help, outsourced IT support will save you time and money.  We’re always available and can provide great value.

  4. Decreased staffing costs

    You know as well as we do.  Employees are expensive and require a large commitment.  If you’re not ready to commit to an in-house IT employee, we’re ready to commit to you!  We can help your company grow, and scale your support as it does.  We’re fully committed to becoming your long term IT support partner.

So if you’re looking for outsourced IT support for your network, workstations, servers and other IT systems- give us a call!  We can provide quick onsite and remote support to Fairfield, Norwalk, Danbury, Bridgeport, and all of Fairfield County, CT.

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